AISR as a Registered Umbrella Body


AISR is a registered Umbrella Body with Access NI providing a professional vetting service for individuals, volunteers, employers and voluntary organisations within Northern Ireland. We do not receive funding to deliver the service, therefore we do have small administration fees in addition to any Access NI fees for enhanced disclosure applications. Currently our administration fees are £5.00 for a volunteer role and £10.00 for paid posts, in addition to Access NI fees £33 for enhanced disclosure application and £26 for basic and standard checks.

Eligibility for an AccessNI Check

The eligibility criteria to allow an employer to request an Enhanced or a Standard AccesssNI checks can be found on the AccessNI website. Generally this is very similar to the DBS requirements however further information is available on their website. Employers should evaluate the role that is offered to the employee and decide on the most appropriate level for the type of work being done.

Application Process

Please find below the process that is in place to process applications with AccessNI. If you have any specific questions or requirements please get in touch on 077 5983 1432 or 028 7128 2171

The Academy's policy on the secure Handling, Use, Storage and Retention of Disclosure Information is available on request. The Privacy Notice can be accessed here.  


Basic applicant information is sent to


AISR will contact the applicant to provide guidance on setting up an online account with AccessNI; provide official forms and entering form information required to process the applications along with AISR pin number, which is required to start the online application process. 

Step 2.

The applicant will provide original ID documents which need to be verified (either by the employer or AISR). Documents will then be cross-referenced with the form information to ensure they match. Any discrepancies or differences will be identified and queried with the applicant directly.

Step 3.

AISR will submit the form online to AccessNI and track the application to ensure it is processed as quickly as possible. Any queries from AccessNI will be dealt with by an AISR Counter signatory as soon as possible.

Step 4.

The Certificate will be issued and emailed to the applicant. If there is information found on the disclosure certificate, AISR is legally required to inform the employer. 

Step 5.



AISR is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and GDPR compliant.


AISR is ISO 9001:2015 accredited

The Academy is obliged to comply with the Access NI Code of Practice. It can be download by clicking on the link or is available on request.



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AISR is ISO 9001:2015 accredited