Online English Booster

Developing your career

Improve your English Language skills and prepare to study or work in English by enrolling in our Online English Booster course.

You will be working individually and in small groups, practising your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English in order to expand your vocabulary and grow your confidence.

You will take part in group debates about current issues and will also learn important conversational topics. You will be immersed in British and Irish culture and history, and enhance your academic English skills so that you are prepared to live and study abroad.

This intensive 1 week course is packed with vocabulary enrichment activities, presentation skills, listening, reading, writing, speaking, pronunciation and much more. 

During the course, you will develop an online academic portfolio which you can carry with you on to your chosen academic programme or professional work. This will include samples of oral and written work, assignments, feedback on tasks and performance as well as grades. All lessons are delivered by a highly qualified and expereinced native English teacher

Depending on how long you want to perfect your English language skills, you can take advantage of our 2 weeks or 3 weeks package, where we dive much deeper into each aspect of the course.

Lessons are delivered by a qualified teacher from Monday to Friday via Zoom.

You will have access to online learning and test materials and will receive detailed feedback on your performance and language skill, plus areas to work on.


Course starts on the 5th of July 2021, reserve your spot now to avoid disappointment!

Progression Opportunities

You will greatly improve your English languauge skills, which will open doors to new opportunities.  

Key Benefits

  • Start Your 360° Experience - At AISR, everything we do is focused on making sure that you are well-positioned academically, practically, professionally and socially for the future. The focus on problem solving, critical thinking and real-world experiences mean you will be ready for work equipped with skills that employers are looking for.

  • Ethical Approach to Education - You will be supported throughout the entire program, and also after graduation. From the very beginning of your studies, our experts will organise a series of career activities including workshops, group sessions and individual coaching. You will be taught the full guided learning requirements.

  • Trust in Proven Quality - Faculty members and experts are carefully selected, highly experienced lecturers and specialists bringing their international expertise to our quality education:



AISR is accredited by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities) and works with various Awarding Bodies both in the UK and internationally to offer high quality qualifications. 



  • Best Biomedical Education Specialist 2018 by the Global Health and Pharma, International Life Sciences Awards 2018

  • Best Private STEM College in UK 2019

  • Best STEM FE College 2020 UK

Online English Booster


1 Week: £900

2 Weeks: £1750

3 Weeks: £2600


1 to 3 weeks

Learn from Highly Experienced Experts

This program aims to bring together the insights of superior lecturers with international experience providing students with a global perspective. The Academy's superior lecturers bring their own unique perspectives and experiences to the table

How can AISR help? 


AISR offers flexible payments, quality education and blended learning. Our supportive environment provides careers advice, mock interviews and mathematics support (if maths is part of your studies). You can access resources on the go and and at home, making it easier to study around your other commitments.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements. 

You will be provided with a level test to assess your starting level and a personalised course plan will be created to achieve your goals.

What will i study?

  • Participate in small group discussions and debates to improve and perfect your listening, speaking and presentation skills

  • Participate in role play conversations

  • Participate in vocabulary enrichment activities

  • Complete interactive exercises and get immediate feedback from our highly qualified and experienced native English teachers

  • Learn how to prepare effective presentations and speech

  • Learn how to use English on the telephone with more confidence

  • Improve your reading and writing skills with interactive digital workbooks. Study on any device including your mobile and get homework assignments from your teacher.

  • Grammar to master the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking

Benefits of our Talent Virtual Learning Environment