Local and International Courses, Diplomas and Training:

We offer high quality, professional vocational Courses, Diplomas and Applied Learning Modules locally and internationally. Our courses range across sectors including science, hospitality, IT, business and media. Our services include Teacher education and training, Professional Development, Workshops such as Gamification, Skills Development, Quality Assurance, Employability; Specialist courses in clinical medicine, practical chemical/biochemical and pharmaceutical science. All our programmes favour practical application and have been designed to reflect the latest needs and requirements of professional organisations; meaning you will be fully employable and ready for work. 

We offer our courses and training to academia and the industry. Our bespoke teacher and staff training are designed to equip your staff with soft skills, latest teaching methods, interactive content development and other required skills in order to improve your organisation's profitability and competitiveness. 

Curriculum Development

Our services include the development of bespoke curricula and content to meet your organisation's specific needs, be it an educational institution or a private organisation. Get in touch to find out more.

Student and Faculty Exchange Programmes

We offer student exchange programmes for students who want to study internationally. Faculty exchange programmes give the opportunity for teachers to teach internationally for 6 months or longer. Please refer to our Exchange page to find out more and get in touch to discuss where you can go and how you can apply.  

Course Accreditation